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Mon, 22 Jan 96 01:13:54 PST

Date: Fri, 19 Jan 96 16:08:36 -0500
Subject: Physiological sensitivity to short wavelength light?

I have an acquaintance who a sensitivity to short wavelength light,
who comments and then asks as follows:

"People with porphyria are directly affected by visible blue, and some
persons with Lupus as well. There are some who are extremely sensitive to
the lights used by dentists, and while they are assured that there should
be no problem, their flares are brought on by this light. UV is blocked in
this light, which is the part of the spectrum that affects most Lupus
patients, but a small percentage of them have been found to be affected by
blue as well (Van Weelden)."

"It seems that between Lupus and Porphyria, their sensitivities span the
spectrum between UV, UV-blue, and blue, with Lupus toward the UV and
Porphyria toward the blue. The reason it is hard to pinpoint is due to the
delayed reaction that accompanies light exposure. There are some Lupus
patients who have severe reaction days after seeing the dentist which they
may attribute to medications used, and maybe even the UV in fluorescent
light. "

"Ask if (your vision colleagues) know of patients who develop "iritis"
like pain upon bright light, esp. fluorescent light exposure. OR if they
have patients (since there is a delay in the pain from exposure to light,
believe it or not) who have such symptoms, unexplained"

Any comments please send to me directly and I will summarize and post
to the net:

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