VisionScienceList: postdoc opening

Emanuela Bricolo (
Thu, 06 Nov 1997 15:41:20 -0500

Postdoctoral Positions in Cognitive Neuroscience

University of Verona (Italy)

Two postdoctoral positions are available immediately at the
Department of Neurological and Vision Sciences of the University of
Verona (Italy) to explore the neuronal mechanisms of visual
perception, memory and attention through a combined use of
neurophysiological, psychophysical and neuropsychological approaches.
Positions are funded by the Human Frontier Science Program
Organization and by the Human Capital and Mobility Program of the
European Community, and they will have a minimum duration of one

Applicants should send a curriculum vitae together with a list of
publications, summary of research experience, and the names of three
referees to:

Dr. Leonardo Chelazzi
Department of Neurological and Vision Sciences
Section of Physiology
University of Verona
Strada Le Grazie 8, I-37134 Verona, ITALY
Tel. ++39-45-8098149
Fax. ++39-45-500881