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Seventh Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting</bold>


July 26 - 30, 1998

Santa Barbara, California



**>> 11:59pm January 26, 1998<<<<**


This is the seventh annual meeting of an interdisciplinary conference
addressing a broad range of research approaches and issues involved in
the field of computational neuroscience. These meetings bring together
experimental and theoretical neurobiologists along with engineers,
computer scientists, cognitive scientists, physicists, and
mathematicians interested in the functioning of biological nervous
systems. Peer reviewed papers are presented all related to
understanding how nervous systems compute. As in previous years,
CNS*98 will equally emphasize experimental, model-based, and more
abstract theoretical approaches to understanding neurobiological

The meeting in 1998 will take place at the Fess Parker's Double Tree
Resort in Santa Barbara, California, and include plenary, contributed,
and poster sessions. The first session starts at 9 am, Sunday, July
26th and ends with the annual banquet on Thursday evening, July 30th.
There will be no parallel sessions. The meeting will include time for
informal workshops focused on current issues in computational
neuroscience. Travel funds will be available for students and
postdoctoral fellows presenting papers. Child day care will also be

Santa Barbara, California is approximately 1 1/2 hours by car from the
Los Angeles International airport. Airport shuttles from the airport
to Santa Barbara run regularly. In addition, Santa Barbara has its own
small airport. The hotel itself is located on the ocean and within
walking distance from distinctive downtown Santa Barbara.


With this announcement we solicit the submission of presented papers
all of which will be refereed. Peer review will be conducted based on
a 1000-word (or less) summary describing the methods, nature, and
importance of your results. Authors will be notified of acceptance by
the second week of May, 1998.

This year, for the first, time, submission of papers will be performed
electronically using a custom designed JAVA/HTML interface. Full
instructions for submission can be found at the meeting web site: However, in brief,
authors should cut and paste text from their own word processors into
the forms available on the web site. It is important that all
requested information be provided, including a 100 word abstract for
publication in the conference program, all author information, and
selection of the appropriate category and theme from the list provided.
Authors should especially note the mechanisms used for handling
figures and mathematical equations. All submissions will be
acknowledged immediately by email. Program committee decisions will be
sent to the designated correspondence author only. Submissions will
not be considered if they lack category information, abstracts, author
addresses, or are late.



We would like to strongly encourage authors to make their submissions
electronically. However, if you do not have ready access to the
internet or a web server, we will send you instructions for paper
submission if you contact us either by email
<<> or at the following address:


Division of Biology 216-76


Pasadena, CA 91125

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION concerning the meeting, including hotel and
travel arrangements or information on past meetings can be obtained by:

o Using our on-line WWW information and registration server,
URL of:

o ftp-ing to our ftp site.

yourhost% ftp

Name (<<yourname>): ftp

Password: yourname@yourhost.yourside.yourdomain

ftp> cd cns98

ftp> ls

o Sending Email to:


Co-meeting Chair / Logistics - John Miller, Montana State

Co-meeting Chair / Finances and Program - Jim Bower, Caltech

Governmental Liaison - Dennis Glanzman, NIMH/NIH

Workshop Organizer - to be announced

1998 Program Committee:

Axel Borst, Max-Planck Inst., Tuebingen, Germany

Leif Finkel, University of Pennsylvania

Anders Lansner, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Linda Larson-Prior, Pennsylvania State University Medical

David Touretzky, Carnegie Mellon University

Gina Turrigiano, Brandeis University

Ranu Jung, University of Kentucky

Simon Thorpe, CNRS, Toulouse, France

1998 Regional Organizers:

Europe- Erik DeSchutter (Belgium)

Middle East - Idan Segev (Jerusalem)

Down Under - Mike Paulin (New Zealand)

South America - Renato Sabbatini (Brazil)

Asia - Zhaoping Li (MIT)

India - Upinder Bhalla (Bangalore)


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