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Thursday, November 19
Wyndam Anatole Hotel
Dallas, Texas, USA

The workshop on Object Perception and Memory (OPAM) is an opportunity for
researchers in visual perception and memory to present their most recent
work. In keeping with tradition, the 1998 meeting of OPAM will take place
the day before the Psychonomic Society Meeting in Dallas, Texas in the
conference hotel. This notice is to encourage you to attend and to
consider presenting your research on object/scene perception, recognition,
and/or memory. Papers will be selected according to the following

1. To ensure that we hear as many ideas as possible, greater priority will
be given to those who did not present last year.

2. Graduate students will be given priority over post-docs, who will in
turn be given priority over faculty (since the latter two groups should be
able to present at Psychonomics).

3. In the event that we have more submissions than available time slots, it
may also become necessary to review submitted presentations. If so,
submissions will be rated in terms of appropriateness to the topic of the
meeting, general interest, and quality.

4. One and perhaps two travel grants (depending on the funds available)
will be awarded to outstanding submissions. Preference will be given to
presenters who do not have other means of travel support to attend this

Please send submissions to Dan Levin or Alice O'Toole (addresses below) by
Friday, July 31, 1998, either by electronic mail (preferred) or regular
mail (late submissions will also be considered, but be given lower
priority). All talks will be 15 minutes long, with an additional 5 minutes
for discussion. We will arrange to have an overhead projector and a slide
projector available for the presentations. If necessary and monetarily
feasible, we will probably be able to provide a TV/VCR; please let us know
as soon as possible if you would like to make a presentation that requires
a dynamic display.

In order to pay for the conference room and AV equipment, it will be
necessary to collect a registration fee from all attendees ($25 for
faculty, $15 for grad students and post-docs at the door and $20/$10 if you
preregister by Oct 15. To preregister, just send your check to Dan Levin,
Department of Psychology, Kent State University, Kent, OH 44242-0001 along
with a note clarifying who you are in case there are multiple names on the
check). Please make checks out to Dan Levin.

In addition to the program of presentations this year we will be holding a
community dinner for all who would like to attend. Details will be
available this summer.

Please circulate this information as widely as possible. Thanks for your
support, and we hope to see you at OPAM-98!

Alice O'Toole and Dan Levin


NOTE: Print this form in a non-proportional font (e.g., courier)
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Presenter: _____________________________________________________________
Last First Middle Init.

Institution: ___________________________________________________________

___Graduate Student ___Post-doc ___Faculty

Address: _______________________________________________________________


E-mail: _______________________________

Telephone: _______________________________

Fax: _______________________________

Would you like to be considered for a travel grant? Y / N

Do you have other sources of support for travel to this conference? Y / N


Title: _________________________________________________________________


Author List: ___________________________________________________________


Abstract ( < 150 words): _______________________________________________







Summary ( < 1000 words): Please attach sheets

Email or snailMail this form and/or any questions to:

Alice O'Toole or Dan Levin
School of Human Development GR41 Department of Psychology
Univ of Texas at Dallas Kent State University
Richardson, TX 75083-0688 Kent, OH 44242-0001

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