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Dear colleagues and friends of the conference:

We would like to encourage you to submit a paper for presentation at
the Conference on HUMAN VISION and ELECTRONIC IMAGING in San Jose in
January 1999.

The emphasis of this conference is on human visual perception and
its role in the design and analysis of electronic imaging systems.
Over the years, it has attracted researchers from a wide variety
of disciplines, and has resulted in a rich and lively exchange of ideas.

The official deadline for titles and abstracts was June 29, 1998, but
we are STILL ACCEPTING ABSTRACTS until July 31, 1998.
You may send your contribution via the internet as explained below.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Bernice Rogowitz
Thrasos Pappas


Announcement and Call for Papers:
(also available on the Web, at

January 23-29, 1999
under the aegis of the
SPIE/IS&T Symposium on Electronic Imaging: Science and Technology
San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California

Bernice Rogowitz, IBM T.J.Watson
Thrasyvoulos Pappas, Lucent

Jan Allebach, Purdue
Walter Bender, MIT Media
Michael Brill, Sarnoff
John Dalton, Ricoh Silicon
Gunilla Derefeldt, FOA (Sweden)
Huib de Ridder, IPO (Netherlands)
Jennifer Gille, Western
Stanley Klein, U.
Eugenio Martinez-Uriegas, SRI
Adar Pelah, Cambridge
Heidi Peterson, Sarnoff
Zygmunt Pizlo, Purdue
Christine Podilchuk, Lucent
Robert Safranek, Lucent
Christopher Tyler,

Conference Description:
The goal of this conference is to explore the role of human vision,
perception and cognition in the the design, analysis, and use of
computer-based image and data systems. Over the years, it has
brought together researchers from a wide variety of disciplines,
from all over the world, for a rich and lively exchange of ideas.
This dialogue is based on the growing understanding that the human
observer is a fundamental key to the advancement of image systems,
and that advances in these systems and applications stimulate new
research into the vision, perception, and cognition of the human

Papers are welcome on basic and applied research in:

1) Human Vision, Perception and Cognition
- models and experimental research
- psychophysics and neurophysiology
- spatial, temporal and color vision
- attention, memory and learning
- pattern recognition, visual organization, object perception

2) Color Perception and its Applications
- computational and perceptual models of color vision
- spatial/temporal/color interactions
- perceptual approaches to device-independent color
- effective use of color

3) Psychophysical Evaluation of Image Quality
- perceptual and cognitive measures of image quality
- perceptual metrics for compression and rendering

4) Vision-Based Algorithms for--
- still image and video compression
- image enhancement and restoration
- image halftoning and rendering
- computer graphics and animation

5) Human Vision and Digital Libraries
- perceptual image similarity metrics
- perceptual criteria for image retrieval
- visually-intuitive navigation through large databases
- perceptually-based image metadata
- face, feature and pattern recognition

6) Perceptual Issues in Visualization and Virtual Reality
- interactive exploration of data
- visual cues for data mining
- perceptual scaling and visual organization
- incorporating intelligence into interactive systems

7) Art, Aesthetics and Emotion in Electronic Imaging Systems

8) Multimedia Perception
- combined visual and auditory perception
- joint evaluation of audio-visual signal quality

9) Perceptual Approaches to Medical Imaging
- uses of color in diagnostic imaging
- visualization of medical data
- perceptually lossless medical image compression
- remote access of medical images

10) Image Analysis
- image semantics, segmentation and representation
- texture and feature analysis
- shape perception

Abstract: 500 words Deadline: June 29, 1998 --> July 31, 1998

Please include:

o Conference Code: EI12
o Conference Title: Human Vision and Electronic Imaging IV
o Conference Chairs: Rogowitz, Pappas
o Abstract Title
o Authors' Names and Affiliations
o Authors' Complete Addresses, Phones, FAX, and Email
o Abstract Text (aproximately 500 words)
o Key Words (up to 5)
o Brief Biography (of principal author, 50 words)

Send abstracts directly to SPIE:

Via the World Wide Web form at URL:

If World Wide Web access is not available, choose only *ONE*
of the following options:

Via Email....(ascii text only)

Via Mail.....(3 copies)...........IS&T/SPIE EI '99
SPIE, P.O. Box 10
Bellingham, WA 98227-0010
- Shipping address: 1000 20th St., Bellingham, WA 98225

Via Fax...........................(360) 647-1445

Important Dates:

June 29, 1998: Abstract (500 words) Due Date

***** EXTENDED to July 31, 1998 *****

November 23, 1998: Camera Ready Abstract (200 words) Due Date
December 28, 1998: Manuscripts Due Date


The Conference on HUMAN VISION and ELECTRONIC IMAGING focuses on the
perceptual and cognitive aspects of Electronic Imaging Systems.

We would also like to draw your attention to the following conferences
which focus on related aspects of Electronic Imaging Systems and which
will also be held as part of the EI Symposium:

o Color Imaging: Device-Independent Color, Color Hard Copy
and Graphic Arts IV
o Very High Resolution and Quality Imaging II

Bernice Rogowitz Thrasyvoulos Pappas
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 Murray Hill, NJ 07974
(914) 784-7954 (908) 582-2933

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