VisionScienceList: PhD Studentiships in Cognitive Neuroscience and Robotics

Giulio Sandini (
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 08:24:32 +0200

PhD Studentiships in Cognitive Neuroscience and Robotics Available

The LIRA-Lab of the University of Genova in Italy is looking for PhD
students interested in investigating the development of sensori-motor
coordination through the implementation of artificial systems.

LIRA-Lab is a small multidisciplinary group of people with backgrounds
in biology and engineering and with a long-lasting experience on
biologically motivated robots and systems . It is located in Genova, a
medium-size city along the Italian Riviera, and operates within the
Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Engineering.
More information about the lab's activity and references to past
guests and students can be found at:

The successful candidate should have an undergraduate degree and
should be interested in developing software and hardware models of
sensori-motor mechanisms with particular emphasis on eye-head-hand

Fellowships are supported by the European Union and must be assigned
to young European students (According to the rules, Italian candidates
and students with non-European passport are not eligible). The
duration is not less than three years.

Salary is in accordance with the guidelines suggested by the EU within
the "Training and Mobility of Researcher" activity and it is of the
order 18000 Euro per year.

Interested candidates should contact:

Prof. Giulio Sandini
DIST - University of Genova
Via Opera Pia, 13
16145 Genova - Italy

Fax: +39 10 353.2154