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Tue, 19 Jan 1999 14:18:53 +0100 (NFT)

Cognitive Neuroscience at S.I.S.S.A.

S.I.S.S.A., the International School for Advanced Studies of Trieste, Italy,
is an interdisciplinary postgraduate research institute directly supported by
the Italian Ministry for Universities and Research. Its working language is
English and non-Italian Ph.D. students, postdocs and faculty comprise about a
third of the total. There are no fees; fellowships are offered to all students.

A new sector, Cognitive Neuroscience, has been operating within S.I.S.S.A.
since November, 1995. It currently includes groups working on:

* Neuropsychology and modelling of semantic memory, word processing and
frontal lobe processing (Tim Shallice, coordinator of the sector)

* Neurophysiology and neuropsychology of spatial representation and spatial
behaviour (P.Paolo Battaglini, U. of Trieste)

* Information processing and plasticity of representations in the
somatosensory system (Mathew Diamond)

* Neurophysiology and neurobiology of developmental and adult plasticity
in the visual system (Luciano Domenici)

* Information-theoretic analysis and modelling of coding in higher sensory
and memory areas (Alessandro Treves)

and a new Psycholinguistics group led by Jacques Mehler is expected to join
soon. In addition, the Programme in Neuroscience is a framework for joint
activities with groups in the Biophysics sector, including

* Computational neuroscience (Vincent Torre)

The sector is now seeking:

** 4 postdoctoral researchers (deadline for applications March 31, 1999) **

** 1 Human Frontier postdoctoral researcher (deadline April 30, 1999) **

** up to 5 qualified non-Italian Ph.D. students (deadline April 30, 1999) **

All positions are open to candidates with any background and expertise of
interest to the sector, although a balanced allocation of resources will be
a consideration in the selection. Postdocs are for 1 year, renewable for a
second year, and may start from September, 1999. The spring preselection of
Ph.D. students allows outstanding foreign candidates to be admitted without
taking the normal entrance exam in October, in Trieste. Such students then
come directly at the start of the regular 3-year Ph.D. program, in November.

Applications for both types of position should include a full CV, stating
date of birth, citizenship, proficiency in english and complete academic
records; at least one letter of reference, sent directly to SISSA; and any
other item useful in assessing the candidate. Applicants for Ph.D.s should
be under 30, and be able to provide hardcopy certificates of their records.

SISSA - Cognitive Neuroscience - via Beirut 2/4, 34013 Trieste, Italy.

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