VisionScienceList: Wake Forest University, Sensory Systems Training Grant

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Sat, 30 Jan 1999 16:04:36 -0800

Sensory Systems Training Grant

Our department has immediate openings for 2 postdocs on a NIDCD sponsored
sensory training grant (as with all training grants, they must be a US
citizen or eligible foreign national). They can call me directly to find
out more about the program at 336-716-9437. The emphasis of the training
grant is sensory systems research, and available techniques range from
molecular approaches in in vitro preparations, to experiments in awake,
behaving primates. As an example of the kinds of projects available, I
study nitric oxide physiology in the thalamus using both slice preparations
and in vivo recordings, and I am undertaking an anatomical study using
pseudorabies viruses as transneuronal tract tracers, directed at the issue
of cortical orientation selectivity. Other research emphasis in the
training program includes trophic factor effects in development and
plasticity in sensory systems, multisensory integration, as well as
auditory and olfactory processing.

There is also a strong mentoring component to the training, and postdocs
would be encouraged to sit in on a course that I currently direct on
grantsmanship. All postdocs are encouraged and aided in the process of
establishing their own, independent funding. Other training includes the
opportunity to sit in on a series of neuroscience career development
courses that receive consistently high marks from our students.

Dwayne Godwin, PhD Wake Forest University School of Medicine