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International School of Biophysics 1999
Naples, Italy and the Island of Ischia (Bay of Naples)

6th Course : Vision - The Approach of Biophysics and Neurosciences
Directors: Dr. Greg Maguire (USA) and Dr. Carlo Musio (Italy)
Sessions and Topics:

Molecular Level
Cellular Level
Integrative Level
Computational and Cognitive Level

Lecturers: K. Arikawa (Japan); N. Berardi (Italy), J.E. Dowling (USA), P.
Gualtieri (Italy), L. Lagnado (UK), M.F. Land, (UK), R. Paulsen (Germany)

Deadline for registration and abstract submission: 15 July 1999.

Grants: Partial support can be provided at the end of the session to some
students. Selection will be need-based.

For further information, contact:

Dr. Greg Maguire
Ophthalmology - 0946
University of California, San Diego CA 92093 USA
Tel: (619) 534-4938 or (610) 822-1896
Fax: (619) 534-6602

Dr. Carlo Musio
Instituto di Cibernetica, CNR
Dept of Neurosciences
Via Toiano 6
Tel: +39-0818 534131/113
Fax: +39-0815267654

or visit the web site at: