VisionScienceList: Research Position in computational fMRI applied to neurorecovery

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Research position in Computational Functional MRI at Brain and Vision
Research Laboratory directed by Professor Lucia Vaina at Boston

This is a newly-funded full-time research appointment aimed at
quantitatively and qualitatively characterize the statistical and
temporal characteristics of brain activations during restorative
plasticity in the human brain after stroke.

The postholder will jointly engage in the following aspects of the
Lab's work:

* establish functional imaging on a research MRI scanner,

the stimulus development, presentation system, software and

* work with clinicians to define, establish and run suitable
test paradigms on healthy volunteers and patients

* image-processing, analysis, visualisation of clinical data
obtained in fMRI studies

* work with MR physicists, psychophysicists and clinicians to explore
the uses of near-real-time analysis techniques in fMRI studies, and to
develop software that tracks the dynamics and changes of activatios
over time.

The postholders should be able to undertake original research in one
or more of the following areas of fMRI: statistical models of physical
and physiological noise; data modelling; parallel statistical and
image-processing algorithms; visualisation techniques, application of
various techniques to quantify changes in fMRI images.

Candidates should hold a higher degree in cognitive science, computer
science, engineering or physics and should be familiar with PC and
Unix computing. Expertise in statistical and cognitive modelling,
MRI, image analysis, and visualisation and neuroscience are highly
desirable. The position is initially for one year but it may be
extended to two or more years.

Further particulars should be obtained from

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