VisionScienceList: EUROSIGHT 2000 - The 4th European Low Vision Conference 3-6 Sept.

Wim van Damme (
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 12:11:13 +0100

EUROSIGHT 2000 - The 4th European Low Vision Conference
3-6 september 2000

The fourth edition of the European Low Vision conference (Eurosight)
will be held in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. This edition of Eurosight
is organized by three dutch institutes for visual rehabilitation: de
Blauwe Kamer Theofaan group, Visio and Bartiméus. The conference is held
under the auspices of the International Society for Low Vision Research
and Rehabilitation (ISLRR).

Topics include:
Low Vision devices:
recent developments, application in rehabilitation practice
Visual functions in Low Vision:
recent developments in assessment, practice, visual perception
Ophthalmology & Low Vision:
implications of new ophthalmologic treatments on low vision care

The organizing committee consists of:
- Wim van Damme, clinical physicist (Netherlands)
- Han Neve, clinical physicist (Netherlands)
- Theo Blom, optometrist (Netherlands)
- Aart Kooijman, clinical physicist, ISLRR board member (Netherlands)
- Roeland Boter, psychologist (Netherlands)

The scientific committee consist of:
- Han Neve, clinical physicist (Netherlands)
- Ger van Rens, ophthalmologist (Netherlands)
- Adrian Hill, optometrist (UK)
- Mario Broggini, ophthalmologist (Italy)
- Avinoam Safran, neuro-ophthalmologist (Switzerland)
- Jörgen Gustafsson, optometrist (Sweden)
- Fernando Bivar, ophthalmologist (Portugal)

Abstracts can be submitted before January 15, 2000, and registration is
possible until May 1, 2000.
More information on abstract submission and registration is available on
request at:

Congress Organization Services "Van Namen & Westerlaken"
PO Box 1558
6501 BN Nijmegen
The Netherlands
tel: +31 24 323 4471
fax: +31 24 360 1159

Information about the scientific part can be directed to: