VisionScienceList: graduate training, University of Texas at Arlington

Anne P Hillstrom (
Sun, 14 Nov 1999 11:55:34 -0600

The Cognitive group of the Psychology Department at the University of Texas
at Arlington is a small, active group that provides a graduate education
focused on traditional cognitive research and quantitative skills. We aim
the education towards students who will be pursuing academic careers, but
because of the strong quantitative aspect to the education, many of our
students have been successful at competing for industry jobs as well.
Students typically begin their work with a single advisor but are encouraged
to do research with other faculty members as they progress. The more
perceptually inclined faculty are Ira Bernstein and Anne Hillstrom, and the
rest of the cognitive faculty are Harriett Amster, Terry Barnhardt, Jim
Erickson, David Gorfein, and Dan Levine. The department, which is part of
UTA's College of Science, also has strength in personality & social
psychology, developmental psychology, physiological psychology, animal
learning/behavior, and neuroscience.

In addition to the basic assistantship that many of our students receive, in
the coming year the university has made available a special supplemental
fund for qualified incoming students. UTA is in the heart of the Dallas/Ft.
Worth metroplex in Texas.

If you know of students who might be interested in pursuing their cognitive
graduate degree at UTA, please ask them to contact Anne Hillstrom
( or look at the department's web page
( or both.