VisionScienceList: 1st announcement for ECEM11

Jukka Hyona (
Thu, 2 Dec 1999 08:34:12 +0200

First Announcement for the 11th European Conference on
Eye Movements (ECEM11)

ECEM11 will be organized in Turku (Finland) on August 22-25, 2001.
All aspects of eye movement research will be represented
in the conference. ECEM11 will have particular emphasis on
eye movements during cognitive processing, such as reading and
language processing, scene and object perception, visual search,
face recognition, visual attention, and problem solving. Other
research areas of oculomotor behaviour will also be represented,
such as neurophysiology, psychophysiology, clinical and medical
research, measurement techniques, oculomotor coordination, and
applied research.

We invite all prospective participants to make suggestion for
thematic sessions. We would like to organize 1-2 sessions with oral
presentations on the same theme given by researchers from different
disciplines. The idea is to stimulate crosstalk across different fields
studying eye behavior. Thus, an ideal theme would be one that cuts
across several research disciplines. It may also be an issue that has
created controversy among researchers. Suggestions can be sent to
Jukka Hyona,

Prospective participants are asked to make a preregistration for the
conference at the conference website

which has more information about the conference.

We wish you all welcome to Turku in 2001!

Jukka Hyona
chairman of the organizing committee

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