VisionScienceList: UCSD research position

From: Don MacLeod (
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 13:01:12 PST

UCSD research position

    I am looking for someone (pre-, post- or post-postdoc) to help, probably
short- or medium-term, with our psychophysical analyses of mechanisms of
visual resolution, color vision, contrast perception and light adaptation.
This involves experiments with computer-generated displays (Cambridge VSG or
Number Nine boards), Maxwellian view optical systems, and laser stimulators
where the spatial stimuli are interference fringe patterns generated
directly on the retina.
    Apart from an interest in this sort of work, the main desideratum is an
enthusiasm for developing technical skills, for instance in experimental
control and modelling of results using Matlab or C programs. Please respond

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