VisionScienceList: Symposium "Vision: from neurons to cognition"

From: Christian Casanova (casanovc@ERE.UMontreal.CA)
Date: Thu Jan 13 2000 - 14:21:39 PST

Announcement of the Symposium: "Vision: From Neurons to

You are welcome to attend the XXIIth Symposium of the Centre de
Recherche en Sciences Neurologiques de l'Universite de Montreal
entitled "Vision: from neurons to cognition". This event will take place
in Montreal, May 8 and 9, 2000. This symposium will bring together
researchers of specific domains using multidisciplinary approaches and
will provide a comprehensive general view of the mechanisms by
which visual information is processed from the retina to the visual
cortex, and beyond.

Sections are: Retinal function and parallel pathways; Subcortical
structures: active modulation of visual signals; The primary visual
cortex: binocularity and visual integration; Beyond the primary visual
cortex: specific channels of information; Coding and perception: from
neuronal observations to visual consciousness.

Speakers are: Curtis Baker, Jean Bullier, Christian Casanova, Leo
Chalupa, Alan Cowey, Bogdan Dreher, Jocelyn Faubert, Robert
Fendrich, Ralph Freeman , Douglas Frost, Melvyn Goodale, Daniel
Guitton, Peter Hoffmann, David Hubel, Jon Kaas, Murray Sherman,
Andrew Parker, Alvaro Pascual- Leone, Maurice Ptito, Helen Sherk,
Peter Schiller, Barry Stein, Trichur Vidyasagar.

A preliminary program is available at Additional information
regarding registration and accommodation will be posted very shortly
at the same site. For more information, please contact: Christian
Casanova (

The organizers: Christian Casanova and Maurice Ptito


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