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Date: Tue Jan 25 2000 - 11:24:42 PST

22nd CVS Symposium 2000


June 1 - 3, 2000

For more information or an application, see our website: or contact Barbara Arnold at 716-275-8659 or

One of the fundamental difficulties in understanding the neural basis of
perception/cognition is understanding the computational or informational
significance of neural activity. This is true at all levels: from
individual synapses and neurons, to local circuits and large-scale
organization. The enormous complexity of the brain and the behavior it
generates demands more sophisticated development of theories of neural
coding and communication on a large scale.

In the tradition of past CVS Symposia, our goal is to bring recent
developments in this fundamentally important topic to a broader audience
than that captured by more specialized meetings. We have designed the
symposium to bring together leading scientists with diverse perspectives to
provide an opportunity for cross-fertilization and interaction that is not
usually available.


Thursday, June 1

I. Information Coding in Spike Trains
II. Early Circuits

Friday, June 2

III. Coding Experience: development and plasticity
IV. Functional specialization and distributed codes

Saturday, June 3

V. Large Scale information flow.


      MOSHE ABELES, Hebrew University
       DANA BALLARD, University of Rochester
       KEN BRITTEN, UC Davis
       CAROL COLBY, University of Pittsburgh
       DAVID J. FIELD, Cornell University
       ZACHARY F. MAINEN, Cold Spring Harbor Lab
       RAFAEL MARCOS YUSTE, Columbia University
       KEN MILLER, University of California-San Francisco
       R.CLAY REID, Harvard Medical School
       TERRENCE J. SEJNOWSKI, Salk Institute for Biological Studies
       JEFFREY D. SCHALL, Vanderbilt University
       ROBERT SHAPLEY, New York University
       ADAM SILLITO, University College London
       MICHAEL WELIKY, University of Rochester
       ANTHONY M. ZADOR, Salk Institute
Barbara N. Arnold
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