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Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 12:07:30 PST, nycvisionpeople@CNS.NYU.EDU

               Computational Neuroscience: Vision
           Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Summer Course

                        15 - 28 June 2000
Course Organizers:
  Eero P. Simoncelli, New York University
  E.J. Chichilnisky, Salk Institute
  Paul W. Glimcher, New York University

Application Deadline:
  15 March 2000

  Computational modeling and simulation have produced important
advances in our understanding of neural processing. This
intensive 2-week summer course focuses on areas of visual science
in which interactions among psychophysics, neurophysiology, and
computation have been especially fruitful. Topics to be covered
this year include: neural representation and coding; photon
detection and the neural basis of color vision, pattern vision,
and visual motion perception; oculomotor function; and visual
attention and decision-making.

  The course combines lectures (generally two 3-hour sessions
each day) with hands-on problem solving using the MatLab
programming environment in a computer laboratory. Lectures will
be given by the course organizers and by invited lecturers,
including: Edward Adelson (MIT), David Brainard (UC Santa
Barbara), Marisa Carrasco (NYU), Sascha du Lac (Salk Institute),
Wilson Geisler (UT Austin), David Heeger (Stanford U), J. Anthony
Movshon (NYU), Andrew Parker (Oxford U), Fred Rieke (U
Washington), Michael Shadlen (U Washington), Margaret Shiffrar
(Rutgers U), Lawrence Snyder (Wash U St Louis), Stefan Treue (U

Futher information and application materials:

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