VisionScienceList: PhD/MBA in Visual Neuroscience

From: Dwayne Godwin (
Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 08:36:16 PST

                                    PhD/MBA Program
                        Wake Forest University School of Medicine

The Department of Neurobiology and Anatomyof Wake Forest University, in
conjunction with the Babcock Graduate School of Management of Wake
Forest University, has initiated a new and innovative program: a
combined PhD/MBA. This innovative program will provide a integrated
experience of research and management training. The program is
administered through the
Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy.

5 years of graduate stipend and tuition support are available for
successful applicants, as well as guaranteed tuition assistance in
obtaining the MBA. A combination of electives allows rapid progress to
both degrees, and opportunities for rotations in industrial venues
enhance the educational experience.

The Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy is comprised of researchers
at the leading edge of their respective fields, including strong
emphases on sensory systems and in cellular/molecular neurobiology. For
more information on graduate training within the department, visit

Forbes magazine ranks the Babcock School first among MBA programs with a
median cost of less than $90,000. The Babcock School topped the Forbes
list of 25 MBA schools, with Ohio State, Indiana, Brigham Young and
Maryland rounding out the top five. The Financial Times of London ranked
the top 75 graduate business schools internationally. The Babcock
School, which
has never been ranked by this publication, was ranked No. 56. For more
about the Babcock School, visit

To apply to the program online, visit
Check the PhD/MBA box on the online application.

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