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From: Michael Arbib (
Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 10:25:45 PST

Computational Neuroscience/Neuroinformatics
The University of Southern California (USC) Department of Computer Science
( invites applications for a tenure-track position in
computational neuroscience/neuroinformatics. We are looking for an individual
who has an exceptional track record in modeling large-scale neural systems
working with experimentalists to link their data to these models. The
successful applicant will be involved in teaching in a computer science and
interdisciplinary environment, and will also have the technical ability to
serve as Associate Director of the USC Brain Project. In particular, the
candidate is expected to supervise and contribute to the development of a
database environment for integration of empirical neuroscience data and brain
models .
The computer science community at USC is large and diverse, with faculty both
on the University Park Campus and at USC's Information Sciences Institute
(ISI). Research topics include algorithms and cryptography, collaborative
agents, computational neuroscience, computer architecture, databases and
information management, educational technology, genomics & DNA computing,
graphics and multi-media, knowledge acquisition, knowledge representation,
learning, natural language processing, networking, neural networks,
neuroinformatics, ontologies, planning, robotics, software engineering,
humans, and vision. Computer Science at USC has a long history as a key
component of the University's Neuroscience Program (NIBS: Neural,
and Behavioral Sciences) with work in cognitive neuroscience, computational
neuroscience, language mechanisms, neural engineering (through the Center for
Neural Engineering, neuroinformatics,
vision, and visuomotor coordination (with links to biomimetic robotics). In
particular, the USC Brain Project (USCBP), funded in part by the Human Brain
Project consortium, integrates empirical research in the neuroanatomy,
neurochemistry and neurophysiology of synaptic plasticity, motivation, and
visuomotor coordination with research in neuroinformatics, adapting such
computational techniques as databases, the World Wide Web, data mining, and
visualization to the analysis of neuro-science data, and employing
computational neuroscience to study the relations between structure and
function. USC is also part of the Dynamic Brain Project, an international
research focus on computational motor control.
USC's broader computer science community includes not only the Computer
Department, the Computer Engineering Program and ISI but also the Integrated
Media Systems Center (IMSC), an NSF Engineering Research Center focusing on
computer interfaces, information management and media communications; and the
newly created Institute for Creative Technologies that brings together
expertise from USC's Schools of Engineering, Cinema-Television, and
Communications (Annenberg) plus the entertainment industry, to develop the art
and technology for compellingly realistic virtual experiences.
Preliminary enquiries and requests for further information may be sent to
Michael Arbib ( Applicants should send a comprehensive
resume, a list of references, and a statement of goals to: Paulina Tagle,
Computer Science, USC SAL 300, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0781
( USC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
Employer and encourages applications from women and minorities.

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