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Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 03:07:28 PST

To those of you who happen to be in this general geographical region around
the end of March the following one-day symposium might be of interest. We
organise it to promote interest in cognitive neuroscience, including
vision, and to honour Patricia Goldman-Rakic (see the program).

Cortical dynamics: From development to cognition

28 March 2000

Lecture Hall Megaron, Building Educatorium, Leuvenlaan 19, Uithof, Utrecht,
The Netherlands

09.00-09.25 Arrival and Coffee.

09.25-09.30 Opening Morning Program: Chair D.F. Swaab

09.30-10.20 P. Rakic - Neurogenetics of cortical development

10.20-11.10 R. Frackowiak: Imaging neuroscience: from perception to

11.10-11.30 Coffee

11.30-12.20 A. Grinvald: Dynamics of shape perception

12.20-13.55 Lunch

13.55-14.00 Opening Afternoon Program: Chair W.J.M. Levelt

14.00-14.50 J.A. Movshon: Cortical mechanisms of visual perception

14.50-15.10 Tea

15.10-16.00 P.L. Strick: Basal Ganglia and Cerebellar Loops with the
Cerebral Cortex: Motor and Cognitive Circuits

16.00-16.50 P.S. Goldman-Rakic: Topography of Cognition

16.50-17.00 Closing Remarks

17.00 Drinks

Symposium on Cognitive Neuroscience in the honour of Patricia Goldman-Rakic
- this year's recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Utrecht University.
Supported by the Faculty of Biology, the Helmholtz Institute, and the
Governing Body of Utrecht University. Participation free (including
lunch), provided you pre-register before March 21 with the organisers
(W.A.van de Grind & M.J.M. Lankheet, Fax +31 30 254 2219, email;; Secr. Tel. +31 30 253

About the speakers and chairmen

D.F. Swaab, Director Netherlands Institute for Brain Research, KNAW (Royal
Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences), Amsterdam; Professor of
Neurobiology, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Pasko Rakic, Professor of Neurobiology, Chairman Neurobiology Department,
Yale University, New Haven, USA.

Richard Frackowiak, Co-Head of the Wellcome Department of Cognitive
Neurology, Wellcome Principle Research Fellow; Dean of the Institute of
Neurology, University College London.

Amiram Grinvald, Director of the Grodetsky Center for Research of Higher
Brain Functions, The Dominic Brain Research Institute, Rehovot, Israel.

W.J.M. Levelt, Director Max-Planck-Institute for Psycholinguistics,
Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

J. Anthony Movshon, Presidential Professor New York University; Professor
of Physiology and Neuroscience at New York University School of Medicine;
Investigator Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Peter L. Strick, Co-Director Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, and
Professor Departments of Neurobiology and Psychiatry, University of
Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA; Editor-in-Chief of the
Journal of Neurophysiology:

Patricia Goldman-Rakic, Professor of Neuroscience, Yale University,
Honorary Doctor Utrecht University (27 March 2000).

Wim. A. van de Grind
Comparative Physiology & Helmholtz Institute
Utrecht University, Padualaan 8
3584 Ch Utrecht
Tel. +31 30 253 3645
Fax +31 30 254 2219

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