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From: Eli Peli (
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 11:19:35 PST

Its about that time of year again and we are just starting to make
some tentative plans. The description of the SIG you'll find on the
ARVO site or in the latest newsletter goes like this:

   The general topic of this meeting is the intersection of vision science and
   head-mounted displays (HMDs). Topics to be covered may include applications
   of HMD technology, health, comfort and ophthalmic issues. There will be
   several speakers to kick off the session, followed by open discussion.

   Monday 2:00 - 4:00 PM in Room 221.

So if you'd like to volunteer a short talk or suggest a discussion
topic, let us know. Please either send email to which
will get to Eli, Sheryl and Simon, or contact one of us directly.

   Eli Peli <>
   Sheryl Ehrlich <>
   Simon Rushton <>

A similar note to this one should soon be going out on CV-NET and
VisionScienceList. If theres any other email list you think it
should be sent to then let us know. Oh, and if you want us to remove
you from this email list please just say.

If you have a poster or talk at ARVO related to HMDs then let us have
the details and we'll list it on the SIG web page when its set up.


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