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Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 11:42:36 PDT

Friends and colleagues,

      I am starting a new research project at HP that will investigate
the human perception side of imaging devices. We are going to work on
perceptual image quality, new types of visual interfaces, imaging
algorithm development and device design. I have three positions
available: one for a scientist, one for an engineer and one for an
intern. If you have any graduate students or friends who are looking for
a job, please let them know! I would like resumes by email to

Thanks very much for helping me to find some people!


Essential Responsibilities:

Hewlett Packard Laboratories is looking for a vision/computer scientist
to help develop computational models of perceptual image quality, and to
design new devices based on visual perception. Job responsibilities
include inventing new imaging devices and algorithms, and to construct
prototype systems to demonstrate new concepts for consumer and
industrial imaging. Work with HP's product divisions to implement new
inventions, and integrate new ideas into existing product lines. Develop
software tools that can be used to improve imaging devices.

Marginal Responsibilities:

Conduct experiments to measure visual sensitivity to image defects, and
measure perceptual image quality. Applicants should have expertise in
visual psychophysical testing methods and experimental design,
statistical data analysis (principal components analysis, statistical
hypothesis testing).


Masters or Ph.D. in computer science or vision science, or in a closely
related field. Strong background in mathematics, statistics, scientific
method, computer programming, and digital image processing.


Strong programming skills in C++, Microsoft Windows, Java, Matlab. Some
knowledge of color science, user interface design, electronics and work
experience also desirable.


Essential Responsibilities:

Develop software for image processing devices. Design algorithms for
image display, manipulation, enhancement and compression. Create
software that interfaces with experimental imaging devices including
cameras and displays. Combine electronic displays, digital cameras, and
computer systems into new experimental devices.


Must have at least a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or
computer science. Must have expert level C++ skills and background in
digital image processing. Must be familiar with Windows programming in
C++, preferably in Visual Studio. Must understand interfacing with
Microsoft's video software. Experience with software development for
digital cameras and display devices is also required. Must have a strong
background in mathematics. Some background in basic electronics is


Java, Unix, HTML and assembly language programming.


Essential Responsibilities:

Develop software for experimental image processing devices. Assist with
experiments to measure perceived image quality. Develop web-based
research tools. This position is temporary, and just for three months
over the summer of 2000.


Must be enrolled in an electrical engineering, computer science or
vision science college program. Must have C++ programming skills,
preferably with Microsoft Windows.


Experience in computer imaging, vision science, color science, Java,
Unix, HTML and assembly language programming.

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