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Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 16:23:45 PDT

                                Call For Papers

                          Optical Society of America
                              Annual Meeting 2000
                                 Providence, RI
                              October 22-26, 2000

Abstract Deadline: May 16, 2000 (electronic submissions only)
For more information and abstract submission:

Submissions to the OSA Annual Meeting 2000 are welcome not only in the topic
areas of the symposia and workshops listed below, but also in all areas of
vision and color.

Featured Sessions at the Annual Meeting 2000 will include:

Special Sunday Evening "Millenium Tutorial" by Joel Pokorny, "OSA and Vision
Science in the 20th and 21st Centuries."

Symposium on "Color Categorization," with invited talks by C. L. Hardin and D.

Symposium on "Multiple Rod Pathways," with invited talks by Ted Sharpe and
Robert Smith.

Workshop on "Color Detection Models," with discussion by Mike D'Zmura, Rhea
Eskew, Karl Gegenfurtner, and Kathy Mullen.

Workshop on "Chromatic Motion Mechanisms," with discussion by Tom Albright,
Patrick Cavanagh, Karl Gegenfurtner, George Sperling, and Qasim Zaidi.

Symposium on "Letter Identification," with an invited talk by Denis Pelli.

Workshop on "Modelfest 2000," with discussion by Thom Carney, Walt Makous,
Christopher Tyler, and Andrew Watson.

Symposium on "Flow, Heading, and Structure From Motion," with invited talks by
Bill Warren and Fulvio Domini.

Symposium on "First-, Second-, and Third-order Mechanisms of Pattern and
Perception," with an invited talk by George Sperling.

Workshop on "Trends in Hardware and Software Systems for Vision Research,"
discussion by Thom Carney, Tony Norcia, Denis Pelli, and Dan Swift.

Symposium on "Temporal Processing in the Visual System," with invited talks by
Vivianne Smith and Andrew Stockman.

Symposium on "Novel Approaches in Retinal Imaging," with invited talks by
Podoleanu and R. Daniel Ferguson.

Symposium on "Applications of Adaptive Optics," with invited talks by Donald
Miller, Theodore Norris, Michael Roggemann, and Bernard Seery.

Congratulations to John Mollon, the recipient of the 2000 Edgar G. Tillyer
Award, and to Denis Pelli, who will receive the OSA Leadership Award. Award
presentations will be made at the Annual Meeting awards ceremony.

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