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Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 07:01:21 PDT

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    Postdoctoral Position in Vision Research. A postdoctoral position is
    available to study
    molecular aspects of photoreceptor phosphodiesterase metabolism. The type 6
    phosphodiesterases (PDE6) are essential enzymes in the phototransduction
    process in rod
    and cone photoreceptor cells. The PDE6 enzyme in rod cells consists of
    three subunits
    and has a complex assembly process that is not fully understood. The
    primary mode of
    gene regulation is at the level of transcription and the promoters have been
    characterized and defined. We are using varied approaches including
    characterization in transgenic animals and tissue culture cells, subunit
    expression with
    recombinant adenovirus, and structural studies of purified enzyme to
    fundamental processes involving PDE6 in photoreceptor cells. We plan to
    develop an
    expression system for the enzyme, to determine the basis for
    expression, and to unravel the basis for the enzymes complex assembly.
    The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. degree with experience in
    molecular biology,
    cell biology, biochemistry or related disciplines. Candidates will receive
    training in
    mouse transgenesis, histologic analysis, protein biochemistry, promoter
    analysis and
    many specific aspects of study of the eye. The laboratory is ~2000 sq. ft.
    of newly
    renovated space that is fully equipped for the proposed studies. There are
    currently three
    active grants supporting 7 students, fellows, and research technicians in
    the laboratory.
    The research environment is further enhanced by exceptional core facilities
    in the Vision
    Science Research Center and an outstanding imaging facility.

    For more information, contact:
    Steven J. Pittler, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    University of Alabama at Birmingham
    Vision Science Research Center
    924 18th Street South
    664 WORB
    Birmingham, AL 35294-4390
    Tel: 205-934-6744
    FAX: 205-934-5725

    UAB Web site: ""
    VSRC Web site: ""

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