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From: Lucia M. Vaina (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 12:01:19 PDT

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      An exciting new position is available for a full-time research
    assistant (B.S. or M.S. level) to work in Dr. Lucia Vaina's lab at
    Boston University Our lab carries
    out computational and experimental research on the patterns of adult
    plasticity after extrastriate lesions (due to embolic stroke),
    perceptual learning and aspects of visual perception relevant to
    linking perception and action. We use psychophysics and fMRI to
    study both stroke patients and neurologically intact subjects. This
    job primarily involves assisting with fMRI experiments, including
    the preparation of stimulus materials, the running of subjects in an
    MRI scanner, the analysis of MRI data, and the preparation of this
    data in figures for publications and presentations.

    1. experience with multiple computer platforms
    ( Mac&PC, Microsoft Office, Unix, and Linux). Some knowledge of
    programming languages (e.g., Matlab and C) is desirable.

    2. ability to trouble-shoot various hardware and software problems
    with the lab computers (e.g. printers, extension conflicts, network
    connections, etc).

    3. excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. The position
    will involve maintaining the equipment and ordering
    supplies,conducting literature searches, and making appointments for

    4. willingness to work on "odd hours" (depending on the magnet-time
    allocated to our group) and occasionally on late nights/weekends are
    both essential.

    5. knowledge of and interest in visual cognition, neuroanatomy, and
    especially statistics is a great plus.

      This job is a good match for anyone interested in research in
    the neurology of vision or in cognitive neuroscience to learn more
    about these fields by becoming a member of a lively and productive
    interdisciplinary research group housed at multiple sites in Boston.

    *** Salary commensurable with experience***

            The job can begin any time after September 1. Commitment of one year
    is required. Send inquiries, CV and names and phone numbers of 2-3
    references to or best to Professor Lucia M. Vaina Lucia
    M. Vaina Ph.D., Sc.D.
    Brain and Vision Research Laboratory
    Boston University, Department of Biomedical Engineering
    College of Engineering
    44 Cummington str, Room 315
    Boston University
    Boston, Ma 02215
    tel: 617-353-2455
    fax: 617-353-6766

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