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Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 09:49:45 PDT

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                           Optical Society of America
                               2000 Annual Meeting

                         "Optics in the New Millennium"
                                  Providence, RI
                               October 22-25, 2000

    NOTE: The deadline for pre-registration is September 21, 2000.

    Meeting details are available at: A
    complete program in PDF format is available for download [click "abstracts"].

    Meeting highlights will include the following:

    A special millennium address, "OSA and Vision Science in the 20th and 21st
    Centuries," will be given by Joel Pokorny.

    The Edgar D. Tillyer Award will be presented to John D. Mollon in
    recognition of his "leadership for over a quarter of a century in vision
    research, with contributions to psychophysics, microspectrophotometry,
    molecular genetics, field studies of wild primates and normal and defective
    color vision." Dr. Mollon will give an invited address: "Vision out of the
    Corner of the Eye."

    Denis G. Pelli will receive the OSA Leadership Award/New Focus Prize for
    his "leadership in visual science and the resulting benefits to artists,
    scholars and the visually impaired."

    Symposia and workshops will be devoted to the following topics:

    Vision Technical Group

    * First-, Second-, and Third-Order Mechanisms of Pattern and Motion Perception
    * Flow, Heading, and Structure from Motion
    * Letter Identification
    * Temporal Processing in the Visual System
    * Workshop: Modelfest 2000
    * Workshop: Trends in Hardware and Software Systems for Vision Research

    Color Technical Group

    * Aspects of Color
    * Color Categorization
    * Multiple Rod Pathways
    * Natural Colors
    * Workshop: Chromatic Motion Mechanisms
    * Workshop: Color Detection Models

    Applications of Vision Science Technical Group

    * Aberrations I and II
    * Applications of Adaptive Optics: Vision
    * Cone Directional Sensitivity
    * Novel Approaches in Retinal Imaging

    A special poster session will feature presentations on a broad range of
    topics of interest to vision researchers, along with light refreshments and
    a chance to meet informally with colleagues.

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