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Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 15:20:23 PDT

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    Postdoctoral and graduate student positions available immediately

    Research Unit "Retinal Signal Processing" of the Netherlands
    Ophthalmic Research Institute in Amsterdam in the Netherlands
    studies the communication between neurons in the retina of the
    zebrafish and goldfish. The research has a strong emphasis on the
    functional consequences of retinal processing on for the visual
    system as a whole. In the laboratory, electrophysiological (patch-
    clamp, intracellular and multi-electrode), fluorescent-imaging,
    immunocytochemical, molecular biological and behavioral
    techniques are used in combination with computer simulations.
    For the project "Mechanisms of sustained synaptic transmission"
    we are looking for a postdoc (4 years) with a molecular biological
    training and a postdoc/graduate student (4 years) with an
    electrophysiological background. From both candidates we expect
    a strong affinity with functional studies.

    The project aims to unravel the mechanisms of sustained synaptic
    transmission in the cone/horizontal/bipolar cell synapse in the
    retina of the goldfish and zebrafish. In this project we want to
    identify the key proteins involved in the synaptic machinery of the
    cone photoreceptors and study their role in synaptic transmission
    functionally. The first part of the project deals with the relation between
    the Ca-current, the Ca-concentration and the synaptic vesicle
    release by the cone photoreceptors. Two approaches will followed:
    a molecular biological and an electrophysiological/fluorescent-
    imaging approach. In the second part of the project we would like
    to apply transgenic techniques on zebrafish to interfere with the
    synaptic machinery.

    For further information and applications:
    Dr. Maarten Kamermans
    Meibergdreef 15, 1105 BA Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    phone: +31 20 566 5180
    fax: +31 20 566 6121

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