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Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 10:18:13 PST

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    Call for Papers

    Perception Special Issue

    "Scene Articulation: Color and Lightness Constancy"

    'Articulation of the visual field' has become recognized as an essential
    condition for the appearance of 'constancy' phenomena, though this rather
    vague term is badly in need of clearer definition and explanation.

             -- R. Henneman.

    The degree of lightness and color constancy that we experience can be very
    different in different scenes. The term 'articulation' is, historically,
    associated with the aspects of a scene that affect the stability of
    perceived color and lightness across changes in illumination. These might
    include the number of distinct surfaces present in the scene or,
    alternatively, the degree of depth variation (three-dimensionality). There
    is little agreement as to what the term 'articulation' could or should
    refer to or even whether it is a useful tool to organize our thinking about
    human color vision.

    Jim Schirillo and Larry Maloney invite submission of theoretical and
    experimental papers that bear on any aspect of lightness or color constancy
    performance across a range of scenes. Those papers accepted following peer
    review will be published together as a special issue of the journal

    Interested contributors should submit four copies of their manuscript,
    formatted as for submission to the journal PERCEPTION, to the following

    Perception Special Issue
    Attn: Debbie Ruvo
    Psychology (Mail Stop 1051)
    6 Washington Place, 8th Floor
    New York NY 10003

    The schedule for the special issue is as follows:

             Feb 15 Final date for paper submission
             May 15 Notice of review results
             Jul 15 Accepted manuscripts due in final form

    If you would like further information, please feel free to contact either
    of the Feature Editors, Larry Maloney ( or Jim Schirillo

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