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From: Tim Jordan (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 02:37:22 PST

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    School of Psychology
    University of Nottingham

    Applications are invited for a fully-funded 3 year BBSRC Research Committee
    PhD studentship working on the following project:

    "Investigating representations of ecological invariance in a system of
    biological motion perception"

    Background: A common goal for ecological and biological models of human
    visual motion perception is to determine the information needed to support
    perceptual constancy in a visually diverse environment. One way to make
    progress in this area is to investigate motion perception systems of high
    ecological significance because the extraction of visual invariance in these
    systems is likely to be highly developed and sophisticated. One such system
    is that which encodes the visible movement of talkers' faces ("visual
    speech") in human speech perception. In particular, although the visual
    appearance of this biological motion varies considerably across different
    talkers and across different viewing conditions, humans are remarkably adept
    at extracting the invariant properties which provide the visual cues to the
    speech we hear in each case. The primary aim of the project is to establish
    the facial loci underlying the invariant visual and audiovisual speech
    perception exhibited by humans, using a range of new techniques which allow
    specific patterns of facial motion to be modulated and localized within
    talking faces. Of particular importance is that these manipulations will be
    guided by anatomical evidence concerning muscle representation and movement
    (both in distension of facial tissue and in movement of articulators) to
    help locate the points on talking faces relevant for the invariant
    extraction of visual speech information.

    Research on the studentship will be supervised by Professor Tim Jordan and
    conducted in his lab at Nottingham where the successful applicant will join
    an active, well-funded and supportive group of researchers in human
    perception and cognition. The studentship may also involve our links with
    the University of Nottingham Medical School and BT Research Laboratories at
    Martlesham Heath.

    Applications are welcomed from students with backgrounds in experimental
    psychology, visual science, cognitive science, computer science or other
    relevant areas. Applicants should already hold (or expect to hold) a 2.1
    (or better) in their first degree. Informal enquiries about the project can
    be made to Professor Tim Jordan at the School of Psychology, University of
    Nottingham by telephone (0115 951 4384) or e-mail
    ( Web page:

    Application forms can be obtained from the Psychology postgraduate
    secretary, Ms Claudia Reale ( The
    studentship is scheduled to start in September/October, 2001.

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