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Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 01:12:28 PST

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     "Limits of functional, diffraction-limited vision" -
    Applied Vision Research Centre, City University,

    Postdoc or Research Assistant position (leading to a
    PhD) is available immediately to study the "Limits of
    functional, diffraction-limited vision with emphasis on
     development of novel instrumentation and techniques to
     separate the effects of scattered light and
    aberrations". The aim of the project is to develop
    and validate novel techniques for rapid objective
    measurement of the scatter function of the eye with
    emphasis on separating the effects of scattered light
    and aberrations.

    A number of psychophysical studies of visual
    performance will also be carried out using a new
    adaptive optics system constructed for this work. The
    successful applicant will join another PhD student and
    will be working in a team that includes John Barbur,
    Chris Dainty, Chris Hull and Luis Santana Haro.

    The clinical, psychophysical studies will also involve
    Michael Morgan, Manfred Fahle and Roger Buckley. The
    project provides skilled technical support with
    development of optical instrumentation and specialised
    programming. The position is open to either a postdoc
    or a keen graduate with a good background in a
    scientific or engineering discipline. Interest or
    experience in retinal imaging, adaptive optics and /
    or the measurement of scattered light in the eye would
    be a distinct advantage. For more information and an
    application form, prospective applicants are invited
    to contact:

    Liz Caine (
    Research Administrator,
    Applied Vision Research Centre,
    Northampton Square,
    London EC1V 0HB
    Tel. +44 (0)20 74778623
    Fax +44 (0)20 74778355

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