VisionScienceList: ECVP 2001 - Call for Papers

Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 22:05:31 PST

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    First Call for Papers
    ECVP 2001
    The 24th annual meeting of the European Conference on Visual Perception
    will be held in Kusadasi, Turkey, from August 26-30, 2001. Original
    abstracts are invited on all aspects of scientific research on visual
    The venue will be the Pine Bay Resort on the Aegean coast ( <““\\> ). This facility
    will accommodate all conference attendees in a variety of room
    configurations and prices, and will provide excellent conference
    facilities as well as exceptional recreational opportunities.
    Perception Lecture
    The Perception Lecture, a keynote address at each year's ECVP, will be
    presented in 2001 by Horace Barlow.
    ECVP2001 will include symposia on a broad range of topics, including:
    * Integration & segregation of motion signals, a Symposium in
    honour of John Ross
    * Visual pathways of attention
    * Feature integration
    * Perception of three-dimensional shape
    * Vision in the digital age
    * Visual representation during eye movements
    * Alhazen &the history of vision & optics
    * Brain imaging
    * Natural images
    The meeting will include a gala banquet, a reception and special lecture
    at the ancient theatre at Ephesus, as well as other social events of
    unique character. Various tours of the local region will be available
    during and after the meeting.
    Travel Support
    Reduced registration will be available for students. Support will be
    available for those requiring financial assistance to participate in the
    meeting. Details are available at the conference website <““\\> .
    Registration, Abstract Submission, Hotel Reservations
    Conference registration, submission of abstracts, application for travel
    support, and booking of hotel rooms will be done through the conference
    website <““\\> .
    Registration and abstract submission will begin Jan 1, 2001. Individuals
    wishing to receive updated information about the conference can
    subscribe to a mailing list now at the website.
    ECVP2001 August 26-30, 2001 Registration Jan 1 2001 Abstract deadline
    March 1 2001
    Organizing Committee
    Andrew Watson (NASA Moffett Field, CA)
    Tiziano Agostini (University of Trieste Trieste, Italy)
    David Burr (Istituto de Neurofisiologia Pisa, Italy)
    C.R. Cavonius (Universitaet Dortmund Dortmund, Germany)
    Andrei Gorea (Psychologie Experimentale Paris, France)
    Mark Greenlee (Univerity of Oldenburg Oldenburg, Germany)
    Ulker Keesey (University of Wisconsin Madison Wisconsin)
    Michael Morgan (The City University London , UK)
    Jale Oezyurt (Univerity of Oldenburg Oldenburg, Germany)
    Bulent Sankur (Bogaziçi University Istanbul, Türkiye)
    Peter Thompson (University of York York, UK)
    Tom Troscianko (University of Sussex Sussex, UK)
    Qasim Zaidi (SUNY College of Optometry New York, NY)
    Turkey is a land of great culture, natural beauty, sun, sea, history,
    and people. It stands at the hub of the civilized world, straddling both
    Europe and Asia. Civilization after civilization arose on this soil,
    built cities, flourished, fought wars and vanished leaving landmarks
    everywhere. The whole Aegean coast is a treasure of Greek and Roman
    archaeological sites, some of the finest lying close to Kusadasi:
    Ephesus, Priene, Miletus, Didyma and Aphrodisias.
    Turkey's appeal does not lie just in its rich heritage. There are warm
    seas, exquisite food and wonderful markets selling carpets, kilims,
    copper and leatherware, all kinds of jewelry and excellent local crafts.
    And the Turkish people are obliging and friendly, justly famous for
    their hospitality. If you have been to Turkey before you will know this
    is all true; if you haven't, you're in for a treat. Don't miss it. --

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