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From: Andrew Watson (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 09:30:24 PST

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    PhD students in Vision Science may be interested in applying to the
    following program.
    Potential Ames Sponsors in Vision Science are Albert Ahumada, Tina
    Beard, Brent Beuter, Mary Kaiser, Jeff Mulligan, Lee Stone, and
    Andrew Watson.

    >Subject: NASA Graduate Student Researcher Program
    >I would like to draw attention to the Graduate Student Researcher
    >Program (GSRP) that provides Ames researchers with an opportunity for
    >increased interaction with universities, by having a graduate student
    >spend time at Ames on a collaborative project. The funding for this
    >program comes directly from Headquarters and provides a stipend of up to
    >22K for three years. The GSRP is ideal for a student who has passed his
    >examinations and will be able to complete a research problem within
    >three years leading to a Ph.D. However, a shorter duration research
    >project leading to a Masters thesis may also be worthy of consideration.
    >This GSRP program, initiated by NASA in 1980, allows students to remain
    >at their home university for most of the year. However, the stipends
    >include funds to cover travel expenses to the host NASA center. The Ames
    >Basic Research Council makes the selections in the April-May time frame
    >each year. The council tends to fund those proposals that have strong
    >interaction with Ames- i.e. where there is a clear win-win situation
    >with both the student and Ames deriving something tangible from the
    >interaction. The specific GSRP policy guidelines are given below.
    >Rochelle Roberts administers the program at Ames. Please contact her
    >( for additional details if you are
    >interested in taking advantage of this program. You can also visit the
    >program web site at
    >All applicants must be full-time graduate students enrolled in an
    >accredited U.S. college or university. Applicants must be citizens of
    >the U.S. and may apply to the program prior to receiving their
    >baccalaureate degrees or any time during their graduate work.
    >The Graduate Student Researcher Program proposal submission deadline is
    >February 1, 2001. Applications will be reviewed and selections made in
    >May 2001. Proposed starting dates for new awards are the first day of
    >July, August, or September 2001. (Renewals are not automatic, students
    >must re-apply every year in order to be considered for being granted a
    >renewal, in addition to receiving a positive evaluation from their Ames


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