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Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 10:09:41 PST

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    Dear All

    Here is the timetable for this year's AVA Christmas meeting at Surrey.
    Abstracts will be made available on the web this week

    Information on how to get to Guildford (and the University campus)
    is available on the University website

    If you are travelling by car you will need a parking permit which must
    be displayed to avoid the 6 daily charge (we will send these by post upon
    application). The conference is being held in the 'Teaching block' (no 6 on
    Campus map

    Registration will be on the day. Please could you let us know
    in advance if you intend to come, in order to arrange catering etc.
    Registration fees are as follows:

    AVA Members

    Regular 17
    Student 10

    AVA non-members

    Regular 25
    Student 15

    (AVA membership (18 regular, 9 student for one year) is available on the day)

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                      ** * * ** ** *
                     ** * * ** ** *
                    ****** * ** ******
                   ** * *** ** *

                    T H E F I F T H A V A

                C H R I S T M A S M E E T I N G


      A T T E N T I O N V I S I O N A N D A C T I O N


    Wednesday 20th December 2000

    University of Surrey

    Contact info:

    Trade Stand:

    TrackSys Ltd: SMI EyeLink and iView eyetrackers


    10.00-10.50 Registration

    10.50 Orientation mechanisms: a model
          Tim Atherton

    11.10 What direction corresponds to 'depth' for stereoscopic vision?
          Andrew Glennerster & M.D. Birch

    11.30 Motion segmentation and transparency: a computational analysis
          and some observations
          Johannes M Zanker

    11.50 It takes time to bind: visual features are poorly localised in
          brief exposures
          Joshua A. Solomon & Michael J. Morgan

    12.10 The ghost of Christmas target, present,
          future and past
          Ian M. Thornton


    13.30 Selective use of visual information for action
          Eli Brenner

    14.00 Set-size effects for spatial frequency change and discrimination
          in multiple targets
          Michael Wright, Louise Alston & Ariella Popple.

    14.20 Attentional modulation of visual adaptation: its spatial spread
          and similarity to changes of signal strength.
          John P. Harris & MS Georgiades

    14.40 It used to move but now it's stuck: head centred motion perception
          in the ageing visual system
          Tom Freeman, J.J. Naji & T.H. Margrain


    16.00 Effects of retinal image degredation and perceptual learning on
          preattentive visual search efficiency for flicker, movement and
          orientation stimuli.
          Peter Davison & James Loughman

    16.20 A comparative study of potential of generic and custom-devised image
          enhancement filters for improving the visibility of images for people
          with low vision.
          Susan Leat, Gloria Omoruyi, Andrew Kennedy & Ed Jernigan

    16.40 Time Delays in Head-Mounted Displays
          Martin G Kaye

    17.00 Visual adaptation: Enhancements in signal discrimination,
          while fixing signal to noise ratio.
          Keith Langley



     Visual attention is allocated within a retinotopic framework in response to
     feature based, endogenous primes.
     Doug. J.K. Barrett, Mark F. Bradshaw & David Rose

     The role of binocular cues in the control of reaching and grasping
     in 5 and 10 year old children
     Mark F. Bradshaw, Simon J. Watt, Tanya J. Holden, Kathleen M. Elliott,
     Paul B. Hibbard and Patricia M. Riddell

     Binocular cues do not provide veridical depth information for the control of
     Paul Hibbard & Mark Bradshaw

     The accuracy of perceived stereoscopic shape
     Matthew Lipson, Maarten Hogervorst & Brian Rogers.

     Working memory and the control of natural prehension movements.
     Natasha Merat, John A. Groeger, Mark F. Bradshaw, Simon J. Watt
     and Paul B. Hibbard

     Visual factors in the prevalence of left neglect
     Ariella Popple, Michael Wright

     Going round in circles? Shape and the Ebbinghaus illusion.
     David Rose & Paola Bressan

     Height in the field and binocular cues support natural prehensile movements
     Simon Watt & Mark Bradshaw

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