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    Brown University - Providence, RI, USA - Dec. 2000

    Applications are invited for a Brown University Division of
    Engineering Research Position in 3D Shape Representation, Analysis And
    Inferencing From Images, Video and 3D Scans. Appointment will be for
    an initial term of one year at the level of Post-Doctoral Research
    Associate or Visiting Professor (Research) (those on sabbatical leave,
    for example). Extension to two or more years is a possibility. The
    appointment is available beginning May, 2001 - but can be started as
    early as February 2001 - under an interdisciplinary National Science
    Foundation grant for research on 3D shape representation, analysis and
    inferencing from one or more images, video, or 3D scans, and
    applications to digital archaeology and other areas.

    This project involves faculty, graduate and undergraduate student
    researchers from the Brown University Departments of Applied
    Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical Sciences and Computer
    Engineering, and the Center for Old World Archaeology and Art.

    The project focuses on: the representation and analysis of 3D shape
    based on ridges, skeletons, and algebraic surfaces; human/machine
    interaction for facilitating shape specification and shape
    modification; 3D surface and structure inferencing from combinations
    of single images, multiple images, video, and 3D scans. The goal is
    to use interaction as necessary, but to work toward a system as
    automatic as possible.

    A significant part of the project is applications to digital
    archaeology. In particular, we are building a 3D GIS-like for complete
    site representation and database searching, using virtual reality at
    the desk top, a 3D workbench, and a CAVE. Included here is virtual
    reconstruction of large structures (e.g., buildings) at a site. We are
    also developing a software system for virtual 3D reconstruction of
    vessels (e.g., pots, bowls and pitchers) and sculpture from fragments
    (thousands) found at a site. This work focuses on the site of the
    Great Temple at Petra, Jordan, but we plan to extend our results and
    technology to other sites.

    For this position, we are looking for a researcher having experience
    in 3D surface and geometry reconstruction from multiple images or
    video. It is also desirable, though not required, that the individual
    have experience in 3D modeling and automatic extraction of 3D geometry
    from clouds of 3D points. The position involves conducting research
    in these areas and contributing to the development of a software
    system for 3D geometry extraction from images and video.

    Some additional information about the project can be obtained at the

    Specific qualifications for the position are: (a) a PhD degree or
    equivalent in Electrical or Computer Engineering, Computer Science,
    Applied Mathematics or related field of engineering and applied
    science; (b) an ability to conduct significant independent, scholarly
    research as demonstrated by a thesis and/or publications in
    professional journals; and (c) an ability to make effective oral and
    written presentations of technical material.

    An application should include the following:

    * a complete professional resume, including education, experience, and
      list of publications.
    * names, full mailing addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses
      of at least three individuals who could provide letters of reference,
      if requested; unsolicited letters of reference should not be sent.
    * reprints of recently published papers and abstracts (only) of theses
      or recent reports, complete theses or reports should not be sent.
    * a brief (one page or less) statement of research interests.

    Interested individuals should contact:

    Professor David B. Cooper or Professor Benjamin B. Kimia
    Division of Engineering Division of Engineering
    Brown University Brown University
    Providence, RI 02912 Providence, RI 02912
    Tel: (401) 863-2601 Tel: (401) 863-1353

    Project Faculty Investigators:

    David B. Cooper, Electrical Sciences And Computer Engineering
    Martha S. Joukowsky, Old World Art And Archaeology
    Benjamin B. Kimia, Electrical Sciences And Computer Engineering
    David H Laidlaw, Computer Science
    David Mumford, Applied Mathematics

    Paper applications should be received by January 23, 2001, to ensure full
    consideration. Brown University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action



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