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Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 04:55:03 PST

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    Students wishing to earn a doctorate in the Cognitive Neuroscience of
    Visual Perception are encouraged to apply to the graduate program in Cognitive
    Neuroscience at Dartmouth College. Applications can be downloaded at

    The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences has recently acquired a
    research-dedicated 1.5T GE fMRI scanner housed in the Department's
    spacious new building. The Department includes several faculty members
    actively engaged in research on the neural basis of perception and

    Yale E. Cohen, Assistant Professor - Neurophysiological mechanisms of
    audition, attention, and spatial perception

    Michael S. Gazzaniga, Professor - Cognitive neuroscience

    Scott Grafton, Professor - Functional brain imaging

    Jennifer M. Groh, Assistant Professor - Neural basis of perception,
    memory, and action; vision; audition; motor control

    Howard C. Hughes, Professor - Electrophysiological and psychophysical
    studies of sensory processing in humans

    William M. Kelley, Assistant Professor - Neuroimaging of human memory

    Peter U. Tse, Assistant Professor (2001-) - Visual perception and
    attention: fMRI and psychophysics

    Other Relevant Faculty
    Jamshed J. Bharucha, Professor - Cognition, Neural net modeling, Auditory
      and music perception
    Ann S. Clark, Associate Professor - Neural and behavioral actions of
      steroid hormones
    Todd F. Heatherton, Associate Professor - Experimental social
      neuroscience, Personality and motivation
    Jeffrey S. Taube, Associate Professor - Neurobiology of spatial
      orientation and navigation, learning and memory
    George L. Wolford, Professor - Judgment and decision making in memory and

    Affiliated Faculty:
    Paul Corballis, Research Assistant Professor - Cognitive neuroscience
    Peter Janata, Research Assistant Professor, Music cognition and brain
    Robert Fendrich, Research Associate Professor - Cognitive neuroscience
    Margaret Funnell, Research Assistant Professor - Cognitive neuroscience
    Todd Handy, Research Assistant Professor - Visual attention, Event
      related potential and brain imaging Cognitive neuroscience
    Souheil Inati, Research Assistant Professor - Medical Physics and
      Cognitive neuroscience
    Scott Johnson, Research Assistant Professor - Motor control theory
      psychophysics, brain imaging, Cognitive neuroscience
    Jeffrey Grethe, Research Assistant Professor- Neuroinformatics, motor
      systems and Cognitive Neuroscience
    Amanda Grethe Research Assistant Professor-Neurocomputation and
      Cognitive Neuroscience
    Jack Van Horn Research Assistant Professor-Brain Imaging, Database
      analysis and Cognitive Neuroscience
    C. Mark Wessinger, Visiting/Research Assistant Professor - Cognitive

    For a complete list of faculty, photos of the building and magnet, and
    e-mail contacts, see

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