VisionScienceList: Post-doc in Neurotoxicology at US EPA

From: Andrew M. Geller (
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 07:02:54 PST

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    A post-doctoral scientist is needed in the Neurophysiological Toxicology
    Branch of the US Environmental Protection Agency in Research Triangle
    Park, North Carolina, near Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham. This is a
    three-year federal position. Salary and application details may be
    found at
     or contact:
    Andrew M Geller, PhD
    Neurotoxicology Division
    MD 74B
    Research Triangle Park, NC 27711
    voice: 919 541 4208
    fax: 919 541 4849

    Project Description:
    Many studies of the causes of age-related retinal degeneration identify
    “environmental factors” as sunlight, smoking, and nutrition. We are
    investigating the possible effects of an additional factor,
    environmental toxicants, since retinal degeneration has been reported in
    humans exposed to pesticides and in animal models of exposure to
    pesticides. A post-doctoral scientist is needed to develop in vivo and
    in vitro methods to assess animal models of adult exposure to
    cholinesterase-inhibiting pesticides with respect to dose-related
    changes in physiology, structure and biochemistry consistent with models
    of retinal degeneration. In particular, electrophysiological and
    biochemical measures will be used to determine whether 1) exposure to
    cholinesterase-inhibiting compounds results in long-term functional
    consequences to the visual system, 2) whether these consequences are
    linked to exposure-related changes in 2nd messenger function and
    structure, and 3) whether there are age-related differences in
    sensitivity to exposure. The fellow will have the opportunity to
    develop skills in retinal and cortical visual electrophysiology,
    biochemistry, and mathematical modeling of the physiological data.

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