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From: Daphne (
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 08:21:01 PST

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    RESEARCH ASSISTANT POSITION, Brain and Cognitive Science, U. of Rochester, NY:
    The laboratory of Brain and Vision at the University of Rochester,
    Rochester, NY is looking for a full-time research assistant. The lab
    focuses on questions of neural plasticity in the human brain. To
    address this question, we have been comparing populations with
    different sensory experience, such as congenitally deaf and hearing
    subjects using several different techniques, including functional
    magnetic resonance imaging, eye position monitoring and recording of
    behavioral measures such as reaction times or accuracy (see
      The Research Assistant will have primary responsibility for helping
    running the lab, preparing and running experiments (with
    undergraduates or deaf individuals as subjects), analyzing data, and
    cooperating with students on research projects. Minimum requirements
    for this position include a college degree, some computer expertise
    (familiarity with multi-platforms networks: Sun, MacIntosh, PCs,
    Linux); basic knowledge of UNIX is necessary. Good organizational and
    communication skills expected. Start date flexible. One year
    commitment required, position may be for longer contingent upon
    If interested, please send a CV and short statement of your interest,
    as well as the name and address of three references to Daphne

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