VisionScienceList: ARVO SIG meeting - Fresh Research Opportunities in LV Research fo r Vision Scientists

From: Chung, Susana (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 06:27:23 PST

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    This year, the Low Vision Research Group (LVRG) is organizing its first SIG
    meeting at ARVO. The aim of this SIG meeting is to increase interest in
    low-vision research among vision scientists who are not currently working in
    areas related to low vision.

    The primary goal of this meeting is to attract both basic and applied vision
    scientists to apply their knowledge in areas such as visual perception,
    sensory psychophysics and human factors to develop new research programs
    related to low vision. Funding opportunities available to low-vision
    related research programs may be discussed.

    If you are interested in exploring the opportunity to engage in low-vision
    research, or if you know of someone who may be interested, please join us
    for a discussion at our SIG meeting.

    Fresh Research Opportunities in Low-Vision Research for Vision Scientists

    Thursday, May 3
    1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
    Room 122

    The entire meeting will be an open discussion, led by a panel of

    Ian Bailey, UC Berkeley
    Gordon Legge, University of Minnesota
    Robert Massof, Johns Hopkins University
    Michael Oberdorfer, National Eye Institute
    Eli Peli, Schepens Eye Research Institute
    Gary Rubin, University College London

    For further information, please contact Susana Chung, Chair of LVRG, via
    email (

    Information regarding the Low Vision Research Group (LVRG) can be found at

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