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Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 20:22:05 PST

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    Dear friends
    This is an imortant vote to help the cause of use of animals in medical
    research. Please take a moment to go the BBC web site and vote on the
    issue. The antivivisectionists will try to flood the site.
    Apologies if you get this twice. I have sent it to EVERYONE in my
    address book. I regard it as vitally important and part of my role as a
    member of the ARVO animal ethics committee.
    TU Yrs truly VAEGAN

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    Dear Member/Affiliate, The BBC are holding an on-line debate and vote on the use of animals in medical experiments. Predictably, this was initially highjacked by the anti-vivs. It only takes a few moments to vote on the issue - so please go to and vote. There are more details below. Apolgies to those who have received this by other channels. Maggie Leggett

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    ===== Original Message from RDS Email News Service <> at 15/03/01 09:16 >Original Recipient(s): >To: newslist <> > >RDS Email News Service > >BBC NATURE ONLINE FORUM AND VOTE > >The BBC nature web site started a new 'virtual earth' forum >and vote called The Vivisection Debate on Tuesday afternoon. >The debate is introduced by a speaker from either side - Dr >Simon Festing from the Association of Medical Research >Charities and Andrew Tyler from Animal Aid - and has a >forum where participants can post messages and register >their vote on the question "Should animals be used in >scientific experiments?" > >At 9.00am Thursday morning, nine messages had been >posted, comprising a welcome message from the host, one >positive message and seven messages against animal >research. These perpetuate the familiar antivivisection half >truths and distortions, and make unsubstantiated allegations >against HLS. > >In the vote, percentages at this time were just 9% supporting >animal experimentation, and 91% opposed. > >It is clear that the antivivisectionists have been networking >since this debate started in an attempt to sway the forum >and the vote. Please go to > > > >to post messages to the forum and register your vote. Please >also forward this message to your own networks. > > >- ends - > >---------------------------------------------------------- > >RDS - Understanding Animal Research in Medicine >58 Great Marlborough Street >London W1F 7JY >Tel 020 7287 2818 Fax 020 7287 2627 >E-mail > > >---------------------------------------------------------- > >RDS Email News is a service for RDS Members. Why rely >on News forwarded by others? Joining the Email News >Service is easy and costs nothing. To subscribe send >an e-mail to with SUBSCRIBE >EMAIL NEWS in the subject line, and in the body of >your e-mail, your name, address, tel no, and whether >you are an individual member or an associate through >a corporate member. To leave the service, put >UNSUBSCRIBE EMAIL NEWS in the subject line. > >---------------------------------------------------------- >Don't forget that if you are reading this and you >are not a member of RDS, you can get a membership >form from the About RDS section of the RDS web site: >go to > >Individual membership costs only 15.00 per annum. >----------------------------------------------------------


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