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Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 13:04:32 PDT

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    Two postdoctoral positions in the area of neural decoding and control for neuroproshetics are immediately available. The successful applicants will engage in collaborative research with Professors Richard Andersen and Joel Burdick, as well as a team of neurophysiologists, engineers, and surgeons. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of this work, applicants with backgrounds in primate neurophysiology, electrophysiology, statistical signal processing, hybrid control theory, or nonlinear model identification will be considered. Strong scientific computation skills are necessary.

    The goal of our project is to develop the science and technology for future neural prosthetic systems that would allow severely paralyzed people to control external prosthetic devices by thought alone. This is done through the use of electrodes implanted in cortex. The information that is extracted, or "decoded," from the cortical recordings drives the prosthetic systems.

    Position in Neural Decoding and Control of Electromechanical Devices
    To enable future neural prosthetic systems, new advances in the information theoretic decoding of neural signals is required. This postdoctoral position will focus on new neural decoding methods and the use of decoded signals for prosthetic control. Applicants for this position should have a strong background in signal processing or statistics. Some familiarity with the design and control of electromechanical systems is desirable.

    Position in Electrophysiology
    This position will focus on the development of a new generation of "movable" cortical recording electrodes. Preferred applicants will have a background in electrophysiology including familiarity with the extracellular recording of single neuron activity. Some electromechanical design experience is desirable.

    Please submit a CV and a list of three references to Cierina Reyes Marks, Division of Biology, MC 216-76, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA or e-mail to Please indicate the position you are applying for. Application deadline is May 15, 2001. Caltech is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer. Women, minorities, veterans, and disabled persons are encouraged to apply.

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