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Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 12:27:22 PDT


    To CVNET and VisionScienceList members:

    The Modelfest group has established a database of psychophysical detection
    thresholds for a group of carefully defined spatial patterns. The images
    and the threshold data are available for developing new and improved models
    of human vision. A common source of data available to everyone for modeling
    purposes will facilitate the comparison of existing and the creation of
    improved models. One of our goals is to build spatio-chromatic and
    spatio-temporal standard observers, which will allow us to predict the
    visible difference between pairs of images or image sequences. To this end
    the database is being extended into the domains of static-chromatic and
    spatio-temporal detection.
       We need your help in this new data collection phase of the Modelfest
    group and encourage you to join one of both of the now forming; 1)
    spatio-temporal and/or 2) static-chromatic detection groups. The protocols
    are being formulated, so join now, share your ideas and contribute a data
    set. To join either or both groups send an email to Thom Carney at (spatio-temporal group) or Sophie Wuerger at (static-chromatic group). Join us in the group
    discussions and the new data collection effort.

    For more information about the activities of the Modelfest group please
    visit the supporting WEB sites: or


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