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    A New York Academy of Sciences Conference

    Co-sponsored with: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and
    University Hospitals of Cleveland

    October 4-6, 2001, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio

    CONFERENCE THEME: The ocular motor system is the best understood of all
    motor systems; the depth of this understanding ranges from molecular
    genetics to abnormal behavior due to neurological disease. This conference
    will explore the latest discoveries in how the brain and the peripheral
    motor system generate eye movements. Topics will include: the extraocular
    muscles and orbital tissues; brainstem and cerebellar mechanisms for
    controlling gaze; cerebral and basal ganglionic influences on gaze control;
    binocular aspects of gaze control; and, vertigo, nystagmus and other
    disorders that disrupt clear vision. The format of the conference will
    involve in-depth presentations from invited speakers and a poster session.
    This conference will be of interest to basic and clinical scientists,
    neurologists, ophthalmologists, neurosurgeons, biomedical engineers,
    neuroscientists, geneticists, and others who have research interests in this

    CONFERENCE ORGANIZERS: Henry J. Kaminski and R. John Leigh, Case Western
    Reserve University,
    University Hospitals of Cleveland, and Louis Stokes Veterans Affairs Medical
    Center, Cleveland, Ohio

    SPEAKERS AND SESSION CHAIRS: Robert W. Baloh, Jason Barton, Thomas Brandt,
    Ulrich Bhttner, Jean Bhttner-Ennever, Bernard Cohen, Robert B. Daroff, L.F.
    Dell'Osso, Joseph L. Demer, Elizabeth C. Engle, Paul Gamlin, Michael E.
    Goldberg, G. Michael Halmagyi, Thomas Haslwanter, William F. Hoyt, Henry J.
    Kaminski, Edward L. Keller, Christopher Kennard, W. Michael King, R. John
    Leigh, Frederick A. Miles, Lance M. Optican, Gary D. Paige, Charles
    Pierrot-Deseillgny, John D. Porter, Farrel (Ric) Robinson, Clifton M. Schor,
    James A. Sharpe, David Sparks, John S. Stahl, Ronald J. Tusa, David M.
    Waitzman, Shirley H. Wray, David Zee

    CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: A contributed poster session will form an integral part
    of the conference program. We invite you to submit an abstract. Abstracts
    will be selected for presentation in the poster session and for inclusion in
    the abstracts booklet. In addition, selected presenters will be invited to
    submit a short paper for publication in the conference proceedings in the
    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. The deadline for abstract
    submission is June 29, 2001.

    MORE INFORMATION: Select this link for complete program and registration
    information and for details on submitting a poster abstract.

    Science & Technology Meetings Department
    New York Academy of Sciences
    2 East 63rd Street
    New York, NY 10021
    T: 212.838.0230, ext. 324
    F: 212.838.5640

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