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From: Robert Cook (
Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 12:46:25 PDT

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      The Comparative Cognition Society Press is proud to announce the
    publication of "Avian Visual Cognition" by Dr. Robert Cook of Tufts

    It can be accessed for free at

    This cyberbook provides a comprehensive and systematic survey of
    research on visual cognition in birds. It is both a researcher's handbook of
    modern comparative cognition and an exciting multimedia cyberbook complete
    with engaging text, drawings, figures and videos that should be ideal for
    the classroom as well. Dr. Cook, an internationally known researcher in
    animal cognition and without peer in the area of electronic publication, has
    brought together 31 leading scientists of visual cognition in birds to
    contribute in creating a wide-ranging and thorough summary of recent
    contributions to the science.

              Dr Cook has edited and prepared this revolutionary new type of
    scholarly publication for presentation and distribution exclusively on the
    World Wide Web. The book was further reviewed by the publications committee
    of the Comparative Cognition Society, and we now publish Avian Visual
    Cognition jointly with its editor. The Comparative Cognition Society Press
    is sponsored by the Comparative Cognition Society. Among its many goals,
    this scientific society is particularly interested in helping to advance the
    electronic publication of scientific information in the area of animal
    cognition. Avian Visual Cognition shows the value of this communication.

            In keeping with the spirit of the Web, Avian Visual Cognition is
    freely available to all: scholars, scientists, students, and interested lay
    people. No passwords, no fees, or no gimmicks. Enter the URL below to surf
    Avian Visual Cognition to enjoy its science and its lucid explanations.
    Because of its free nature, the Society asks you to distribute this note
    to your colleagues and students so that they also may use and enjoy Avian
    Visual Cognition. The society and editor welcome comments and suggestions
    about the format and usefulness of the book.

    It can be accessed at

    Ron Weisman, Action Editor
    The Comparative Cognition Society Press

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