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Date: Wed Sep 26 2001 - 09:30:14 PDT

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    Applications are invited for a post-doctoral fellowship to
    collaborate with Bill Swanson on NEI-funded studies of eccentric
    visual function in normal and diseased eyes. Ongoing research
    projects include measurement and modeling of peripheral color vision
    and flicker sensitivity. The goals of the research are: to develop
    new stimuli to improve sensitivity to progressive ganglion cell
    damage, to evaluate the clinical potential of these new stimuli by
    measuring test-retest variability and spatial summation in
    glaucomatous defects, and to model sensitivity to these new stimuli
    in terms of cortical summation of ganglion cell responses. There are
    three testing rooms, one on the basic research floor and two on the
    Ocular Disease clinic floor. The clinicians are extremely supportive
    of this research, and there is excellent access to patients. Testing
    equipment includes a VSG 2/5 system, several dedicated computerized
    testing stations, an eyetracker, and specialized optical systems
    (xenon-arc-based, tungsten-halogen-based, and LED-based). The
    laboratory staff includes a patient coordinator, a computer
    programmer, and several graduate students. Collaborating scientists
    include Barry Lee (single-unit primate electrophysiology), Qasim
    Zaidi (psychophysics), Vivienne Greenstein (clinical psychophysics
    and electrophysiology), Phil Kruger (accommodation), Harry Wyatt
    (pupillary responses), and Sei-ichi Tsujimura (psychophysics).
    Opportunities also exist to develop collaborations with other
    scientists and clinicians in the diverse academic centers throughout

    Candidates should have a background in visual psychophysics and an
    interest in applying the methods and models of basic visual research
    to the study of ocular disease.

    The State University of New York College of Optometry provides a
    congenial research atmosphere, an excellent library, and interaction
    with colleagues in many areas of vision science. The central
    Manhattan location facilitates intellectual, cultural and other
    activities. Salary will be competitive and commensurate with

    Candidates should email their CV's to A formal
    application including CV, reprints and preprints, and letters from
    two references should be mailed to the address below.
    --- --- --- ---
    William H. Swanson, Ph.D.
    Senior Research Scientist
    Department of Clinical Sciences
    SUNY College of Optometry, room 614
    33 West 42nd Street
    New York NY 10036-8003
    phone: 212.780.5208
    fax: 212.780.5137
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