VisionScienceList: AVA Xmas Meeting; Call for papers

From: Tim Meese (
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 06:18:38 PDT

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                           V I S I O N S O F V I S I O N

                             C A L L F O R P A P E R S

    The sixth Applied Vision Association Christmas Meeting will be held
    in the Vision Sciences building at Aston University on Monday 17th
    December 2001.

    Invited talks will be given by:

                            Bob Snowden

                            Pete Thompson

                            Tom Troscianko

    Abstracts (max length: 250 words) should be submitted by e-mail to
    Tim Meese ( by October 22nd. Abstracts will be
    peer reviewed and published in the journal Perception and should
    cover previously unreported research on any aspect of vision.
    Abstracts should be in the standard format for ECVP/Perception
    (including addresses etc), examples of which can be seen at:


    Abstract submissions should also include:
    1) a statement of preference for a talk or a poster
    2) an indication of the mode of presentation (power-point [MAC or
    PC], slides, OHP) for talks.

    Information on how to get to Aston University can be found at:

    Over the last year, security has tightened up on the Aston campus
    with the consequence that if you intend to arrive by road vehicle you
    should tell us your vehicle registration in advance. I'm sorry to say
    that there is a real possibility that you will get wheel-clamped if
    you don't.

    Attendees should pay in advance at the registration rate shown below.
    (If needs be, payment will be accepted on the door though credit card
    facilities will not be available. In any case, we would be most
    grateful if you could give us advance warning of your intention to

               R E G I S T R A T I O N F E E S

                   Students Other
    AVA member 10 15
    Non-member 15 25

    Payments (cheques made payable to 'Applied Vision Association') and
    notes of intention to attend the meeting should be sent to Vicky
    Heath ( at the address below.

    Vicky Heath
    Neurosciences Research Institute
    Aston University
    Aston Triangle
    B4 7ET UK

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