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    Postdoctoral Fellowship in Visual Psychophysics, David Williams'
    Laboratory. A position is available in my laboratory to explore the
    optical and neural limits of spatial and color vision. My laboratory
    is equipped with unique technology for studying early constraints on
    vision. For example, we have an adaptive optics system that allows
    us to deliver visual stimuli that are free of the eye's optical
    aberration and that allows us to noninvasively image the retina at
    high enough resolution that single cones can be resolved. This unique
    tool is available to study, among other things, the development of
    the photoreceptor mosaic in infant eyes and its role in spatial
    vision, or the organization of the trichromatic cone mosaic and its
    implications for color vision. Rochester is an exciting place to
    develop your career in vision and related fields; the University's
    Center for Visual Science has 25 laboratories engaged in a broad
    spectrum of vision research projects. The Center provides a large
    technical staff of programmers and engineers to help with your
    research needs. For additional information, see A Ph.D. in visual psychophysics and
    strong quantitative skills are highly desirable. Applicants should
    submit a curriculum vitae including names of three references to:
    David R. Williams, Director, Center for Visual Science, University of
    Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627-0270. The University of Rochester is
    an equal opportunity employer.


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