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Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 09:56:34 PDT

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                                                  PI: David Knill
                                           Center for Visual Science
                                            University of Rochester


    A post-doctoral position is available immediately in the perception
    and action lab of David Knill at the University of Rochester. The lab
    focuses on visual perception and the visual control of goal-directed
    movements (e.g., reaching and grasping). The current position is for
    an NEI funded project studying the visual computations underlying
    goal directed movements (reaching and grasping). The project looks at
    a number of aspects of visuo-motor control including the use of
    visual feedback to guide hand transport, hand orientation and hand
    shaping for grasp, how the visuo-motor system integrates multiple 3D
    visual cues for controlling hand movements, visuo-motor learning,
    particularly of cue weights, and dissociations between perceptual
    and motor strategies for using 3-dimensional information in images.
    We use a combination of psychophysical and computational methods and
    have a well-equipped lab containing a 3D virtual display system, an
    optical motion tracking system, a robot arm and an eye tracker.
    Members of the lab also have access to an NIH funded resource
    laboratory for the study of visuo-motor coordination that has
    head-mounted virtual displays, head-mounted eye-trackers, a 3D
    virtual force feedback device and a driving simulator. The human and
    perception lab is part of the Center for Visual Science
    (, a lively and active group of
    neuroscientists, psychologists and computer scientists devoted to
    studying vision.

    Interested applicants should send CV, a short statement of interests
    and the names of three references to David Knill at


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