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Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 20:08:21 GMT

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    Graduate Study at the University of Texas at Austin

    The Institute for Neuroscience and the Center for Perceptual Systems at the
    University of Texas at Austin are currently recruiting high-quality
    graduate students to join a large, diverse, and interactive group of
    laboratories investigating perceptual systems from neural, computational,
    and behavioral perspectives. The Center for Perceptual Systems encompasses
    over 20 active, collaborating laboratories across 6 departments with areas
    of emphasis ranging from robotics to psychophysics to single-unit
    recording. Students may be admitted through the University's
    interdepartmental Neuroscience Graduate Program (culminating in a Ph.D. in
    Neuroscience) or may enter through individual departments. The
    Neuroscience Program provides an option for lab rotations, but all students
    will be encouraged to bridge laboratories if they so desire. For more
    information on faculty, laboratories, and research projects, prospective
    students are encouraged to visit and to contact
    individual faculty. Information on applying through the Institute for
    Neuroscience is available at

    Lawrence K. Cormack, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
    Center for Perceptual Systems
    University of Texas at Austin
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