VisionScienceList: Conference on Human Vision and Electronic Imaging, January 21-24, 2002

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Date: Thu Jan 03 2002 - 21:21:01 GMT

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    The IS&T/SPIE Conference on Human Vision and Electronic Imaging will be
    held this January 21-24, 2002 at the San Jose Convention Center in San
    Jose, California. This year's program will feature sessions on a wide
    variety of topics in the area of human vision and electronic imaging,
    including, eye movements in scene analysis; visual models for coding and
    quality; perception, visualization and graphics; image analysis, perception
    and digital libraries. For a direct link to the conference program,

    For more information, please visit the conference website--


    Banquet. The Human Vision and Electronic Imaging Banquet will be on Monday
    night, January 21st at 7:30 (Hilton Hotel, Almaden Ballroom). The banquet
    speaker this year, Michael D'Zmura from UC Irvine will discuss
    "Perspectives on Vision and Graphics". If you haven't already done so,
    please sign up for the banquet before January 7th. You can register on-line

    Keynote Session. The Keynote Session (Monday) includes presentations by
    Eero Simoncelli (on texture anlaysis and perception), Alan Gilchrist (on
    the incredible "lightness" of being...), Joy Hirsch (on fMRI and
    higher-level perception), Michael Webster (on adapting to high-level
    features in perception), and Pawan Sinha (on perceptually-significant
    features for image recognition).

    Retinex at 40. John McCann has organized a special day of talks
    (Wednesday) called Retinex at 40, featuring scientists in human vision and
    electronic imaging who have been influenced by the Land/McCann Retinex
    model. This will be a very special event, co-organized with the Color
    Imaging and Internet Imaging conferences.

    Symposium by Semir Zeki. Beginning the day on Wednesday, Semir Zeki from
    University College, London, will present the Symposium Plenary Talk,
    entitled "Color Computations in the Brain".

    Panel Discussion. Hawley Rising has organized a panel discussion to
    explore opportunities for human vision research in the new MPEG7 standard.
    Join us on Thursday afternoon to delve into perception and digital

    BYOL Demo Session. This year, we are introducing a session called BYOL
    (Bring Your Own Laptop) in which participants are invited to bring
    demonstrations to share with the community. Please bring your laptop and a
    sign to hang in front of the demo table listing the title of your demo and
    the authors. To sign up, send a short e-mail to the demo session
    organizer, Walter Bender (, and also cc: the
    conference chairs ( rogowtz@watson.ibmcom,

    We look forward to seeing you in San Jose!

    Your conference chairs,

    Bernice E. Rogowitz (IBM Research) and Thrasos Pappas (Northwestern

    p.s. Don't forget to sign up for the banquet by January 7th. It's a nice
    opportunity to renew friendships, make new acquaintances, and enjoy the
    diverse, multi-disciplinary community pushing the fronteirs in human vision
    and electronic imaging.

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