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Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 14:15:42 GMT

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    Invitation for abstracts for poster presentation at a conference:
    "Visual Localization in Space-Time".

    The conference dates are: August 22 - 24, 2002 (just before ECVP,
    2002; Glasgow).

    The conference will be held at University of Sussex - Brighton,
    England. Brighton is a seaside resort about twenty five minutes
    drive from Gatwick Airport, and one hour from central London.

    The topics include, but are not limited to: Eye-movements based
    mislocalization & distortion, form and motion, motion-deblurring,
    saccadic suppression, motion-based positional-bias, Pulfrich effect,
    neural transmission delays and the neural basis of visual
    localization, Flash-lag effect and its variants, Frohlich effect, and
    representational momentum.

    A list of invited speakers includes:

    Horace Barlow
    David Burr
    Manfred Fahle
    Mel Goodale
    Kuno Kirschfeld
    Michael Land
    Stefan Mateeff
    George Mather
    Len Matin
    John Ross
    Semir Zeki

    Students: Pounds Sterling 50
    Faculty and Postdocs: Pounds Sterling 75

    On campus housing available for Pounds Sterling 35/night

    Send abstracts (about 250 words) by March 30, 2002 to:

    Romi Nijhawan
    Cognitive and Computing Sciences
    University of Sussex
    Falmer, Brighton
    BN1 9QH

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